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I speak to the seeker in you. My artworks offer space, solace and introspection. I explore light, colour and texture as I revisit impressions and memories

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You are welcome to contact me if you can’t find the size or mood you’re looking for. I will work from your photographs as reference with my own style and insight

latest artworks

February was saturated in colour and intense moods

December artworks

I have great respect for watercolourists and wanted to try my hand at water mediums. In contrast to how I use my oil paints as texture and line, I now concentrated more on the fluidity of the medium and its relationship and interaction with the canvas in an application. In this medium, I am lead by the natural formation of shapes that I plan but which, with the help of water on the support, largely informs the composition. I find this a beautifully organic and spontaneous medium. My choice for acrylic ink instead of watercolour was because I prefer the original lines to stay intact after first application because I do not want to shift and manipulate the medium to suit my view but rather be informed by it.
Autumn is the celebration of pure pigment and vibrance of hues. I chose a wide colour palette and challenged myself to keep my hues clean and vibrant and use my support and additional white ink lines for emphasis and highlights, creating an almost graphic yet impressionistic end result