60×60, framed, mixed media

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This work is in response to our isolation during COVID 19 lockdown. It started in China first. I watched hours of YouTube conversations where people described what was happening around then in Wuhan and then in Italy.
The news footage I watched on people in isolation made me reflect and ponder on all the thoughts and emotions I witnessed. I saw doors welded shut in Wuhan, people looking down from windows with signs and notes. I saw people speaking of their uncertainty and I wonder where those people are now. Even though everyone was isolated, I felt the news coverage linked us all. I created a series of works in this theme exploring the individuals I glimpsed through windows and hospital wards.

This is a moment, TOUCHED, a person in isolation is touched by the sun, the moon or the comforting words of a friend or family member. These elements bring comfort and hope. I reflected how the smallest gesture or moment could affect us.

I used watercolour to portray the fragility of the individuals involved and oil colour to represent the solid isolation and dark thoughts. The dark, however, is not a permanent state for these individuals but these artworks will serve as a reminder of our time in isolation and introspection

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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 0.3 cm