Ethereal Harmony: Veiled Majesty of the Lioness


This artwork mirrors the essence of a lioness, subtly concealed within the canvas’s embrace. With head and torso positioned in the lower left corner, the majestic creature gazes into the distance, her form mostly veiled by abstracted, swaying grass. The canvas springs to life with a tapestry of impasto brush marks, resembling the dance of grass seeds and unknown field flowers. Hues of light grey, cream, and off-white brown intertwine, suggesting an environment both familiar and mysterious. The lioness’s outline emerges through gentle strokes, harmonizing with her surroundings. The artwork’s essence mirrors the thrill of game viewing, evoking recognition and intrigue. Radiating with light, earthy tones, it captures the heart of the wild in a symphony of understated elegance.

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76.5 W x 76.5 H x 1.5 D cm

Framed 79 x 79 x 3cm Walnut synthetic box frame

oil on canvas

Ships in a box

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 5 cm


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